From the World of FETIDUS - "The Hand of a New Friend - Art Blanchard, Milla and Ochros" - Artwork by Dede Putra

FETIDUS: The Damned Heir is the first "future-noir" supernatural thriller featuring Art Blanchard set in the post-apocalyptic back streets of Washington, DC, circa 2034. The audiobook version is available for free at

Art Blanchard works for an organization known as FETIDUS, The Foundation for the Ethical Treatment of the Innocently Damned, Undead and Supernatural.

FETIDUS, the organization itself, was originally and secretly established in 1620 by Johannes Kepler in Germany. It has since spread globally and has branch offices in over 100 countries. It is the oldest known advocacy organization in the world that seeks to protect the rights of meta-humans and promote better understanding, peace and compassion among all people, of whatever biological or non-biological form and background.

FETIDUS helps protect the rights of zombies (of any type, including type IV), vampires, were-people (such as lycanthropes), non-corporeals, ghouls, hybrids, skidders, genelons of any type, post-humans, semis and supernaturals. This also includes individuals who are genetically mutated or have been altered in other ways, or have been infected by a state-changing pathogen or metagen, as well as those naturally born or unborn. FETIDUS works to help not only the individuals themselves, but their families and loved ones in a compassionate mission for meta-humanity.

From the World of FETIDUS - "Hunger and Fear" - Artwork by Dede Putra

After the Undead Outbreaks and historical upheaval of the early 2020's, there has been widespread misinformation about the nature, origins and communicability of the various meta-human afflictions and transformations that mankind has so recently witnessed. FETIDUS expanded its presence in the United States in the late 2020's in an effort to help counter this rising misinformation and its effect on public perceptions, particularly of zombies, and to help alleviate the suffering of afflicted families and individuals.

As an advocacy group, FETIDUS seeks to help raise public awareness of the needs of the afflicted, help liaise between public groups on local, national and international levels, and promote safe, compassionate treatment and co-existence of all meta-humans, building bridges between all known and unknown life and unlife forms.

The international headquarters of FETIDUS is located in Geneva, Switzerland, with independent regional headquarters around the globe. As of 2028, the US headquarters is located in New Orleans, with US branch offices of varying sizes in Atlanta, Charleston, Chicago, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, El Paso, Fargo, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Lexington, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Mystic, New Orlando, New York City, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Provo, Roswell, Salem, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle, Sioux Falls, Trenton, Tucson and of course Washington, D.C..

In the US, FETIDUS is registered as a 501(c) non-profit organization, and has recently received provisional HSARA-3 (Homeland Security Approved Reanimated Advocate - Level 3) certification.

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