About James Durham - Unembellished Version

Contrary to the embellished (and much more enjoyable) version of James Durham's bio, James was in fact born in a beautiful, normal, sunny town, and while his mother was (and is) indeed a wonderful, saintly person, she was, alas, not incarcerated in an insane asylum. However, the embellished version of James' bio did not exaggerate his love of film, music, science fiction and fantasy. This is the far more accurate -- if a little less dramatic -- version of his bio.

Originally trained on the violin by a master violinist who owned a Stradivarius known as "The Rose," James Durham's early exposure to music included mainly classical influences such as Grieg and Schubert. With an ear tuned to melodic progressions, arpeggios and sweeping orchestral textures, James was then fascinated by synthesizers the second he set eyes (and ears) on one, and thus was born his passion for music, sound production and sound design. 

James also developed a life-long love and passion for great stories, especially in science fiction and fantasy, spending long nights (and days) in the worlds of everyone from Tolkien to Wolfe, Bradshaw to Asimov, Beagle to Bujold, Adams to Pratchett, and yes, even Lucas to Malick, and many others. His appetite for writing and film translated into a passion for storytelling from an early age, starting with poetry and short stories, which combined with his music then turned into songwriting, which then developed into longer form media projects, collaborating on many music, film, art and other projects over the years.

Picking up awards along the way, from writing, media production, podcasting and filmmaking, his storytelling resulted in his ultimate focus of film as his medium of choice, as he continued his quest to tell stories and share messages that might touch people's hearts and challenge them to look at the world a little differently. From the award-winning post-apocalyptic world of FETIDUS to the twisted time travel of 95ers, from the heart-felt letters to his son in Dear Luke to the story of survival of THIRST, you can follow his latest collaboration with his feature-length independent science fiction drama, EDGES THE FAMILIAR

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