After a grueling casting process that involved scouring the world from the Mammoth Caves of Kentucky to the Aravalli Mountain Range of India, and from the Great Victoria Desert of Australia to the ice roads of Tuktoyaktuk, Canada, I am thrilled to have found the cast for FETIDUS!

Cast of FETIDUS: The Damned Heir, in order of appearance:

James Durham
Prebble Q Ramswell
Jose de la Mar
Patrick Nugent
Valerie Durham
Sara Barrack
Bob Holmcrans
Liliana Ayende
Matthew Wayne Selznick

Please see below for detailed information about each cast member:

James Durham

As Art Blanchard


On a night most foul and fetid, in a small town where criminals ran rampant and wolves howled at the moon, deep in the darkened bowels of the condemned ward of an insane asylum, James Durham was born to the blood-curdling screams of an unjustly convicted woman...

Click here to read more of James Durham's unfortunate origins and ultimate ascendance to all things FETIDUS...

Prebble Q Ramswell

As The Voice and Leigh Donner


Prebble Quinn Ramswell is an actress and radio personality from Houston. She has worked for stations across Texas, including Houston's KHMX Mix 96.5, Austin's KHFI and KAMX Mix 94.7. She has also worked as a traffic anchor, reporter and producer for Metro Traffic. In addition to being credited as Prebble McLaughlin (her maiden name) she has used the stage names Prebble Quinn, Kacie Quinn and Beverly Hills.

Making the leap from radio to television and film, Prebble has appeared in and voiced multiple commercials across the nation and worked in several popular films including Richard Linklater's Suburbia, 8 Seconds, and Rush.

Ramswell was also a well-known swimmer and coach in Texas. She coached for several top ranked programs including Rice University and several USA Swimming teams in the Houston area.

She achieved a Level 4 ranking (top 5-8% of United States Swim Coaches) with the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA).

Prebble enjoys web design and has several sites including her personal website, www.prebble.com, and www.only80s.com, which is a tribute to her interest in and passion for the 1980s.

Prebble speaks and reads several languages and currently lives in the Northern Virginia area with her husband, Tony, and daughter, Briar. She is active in the Junior League and with the Delta Delta Delta alumnae association.

Prebble's professional website is www.prebbleq.com.  She is available for VO and acting projects.

José de la Mar

As Jack Wylde, Detective Steadman, Jared Black and Additional Supporting Voices


The report read, “Missing: male Caucasian – average build – average height.  He was last seen on the morning of Saturday, October 11, 2008 leaving his home on the way to a recording session in the D.C. suburbs.”

The notoriously meticulous detective scratched his head as he began his investigation in José’s office at the de la Mar residence. He immediately noticed maps of Cuba and New Jersey on the walls, a multitude of stage performance photos of José, and a diploma in theatre from Bucknell University. The assumptions were that José must be an actor of some sort with ties to both Cuba and New Jersey, but what exactly would those ties be...

The detective crossed over into the adjoining room to find that it was a small child’s room. It was painted light blue and had a crib, so it must be the room a very small boy. He also noticed shoes and several walking toys, so obviously the boy must be between 1 and 2 years old since he is already walking. Then suddenly, Lucas (a 16-month old boy with a very pleasant demeanor) came wandering in, confirming the detective’s assumptions.

After an intensive interrogation, the detective was no closer to finding the whereabouts of José. The boy was unable to shed light on the situation, primarily because he did not speak in full sentences, and our detective had not yet mastered the art of toddler babble.

As he descended the stairs leading to the kitchen, he came across an older woman sitting nervously. He approached with caution releasing the safety on his revolver, just in case.  The woman noticed the detective and broke into a frantic diatribe in a foreign language. It seemed to be Spanish, but she spoke so fast that it was almost indiscernible.  In an attempt to calm her down, the detective made a very soft SHHHH sound. It seemed to work. He attempted to question her to no avail. All that he could find was that she was indeed speaking Spanish and was visiting from New Jersey. Hmmm, he thought... Spanish... a link to Cuba... and again a tie to New Jersey... but what does it mean?

The investigation seemed to take a big positive step forward when the front door swung open and a large long-haired orange cat strode in followed by a woman. However, the woman did not expect to see the detective in her kitchen and screamed in sheer panic and fright. She had been so startled by a stranger in her home, that she was unable to answer any questions. She did, however, confirm that she was Rhonda, the wife of our missing person.

The last part left was to look through José’s belongings. He found several t-shirts bearing the names of several children’s theatre plays and one that had the outline of a corpse and the words Do or Die Productions (www.dodmystery.com) on it, obviously an organization that José belonged to. The detective was sure that this would be significant but was not yet sure how. On top of the dresser, he found a business card that read, José de la Mar – Actor / Director / Voiceover Talent. This too simply confirmed his previous assumptions about José being an actor of some sort.

Satisfied that there was nothing else to find in the house, the detective started to leave. As he approached the door, he noticed a book sitting on a small table by the entryway. He picked up the book and read the title to himself.  Suddenly in a loud shrill voice, he screamed, “OH NO!  Not this group again.” The detective spun quickly to the wife and asked, “Is this who José was meeting with?”  But before she could answer, he dropped the book and ran out the door. On the cover were the images of several bloody faces both male and female and the silhouette of a man holding what looked like a hand gun. In the background was the Capitol building under a full moon. And in all capital letter was the word FETIDUS.


In all actuality, José de la Mar is not missing. He is however thrilled to be part of this wonderful project that James has put together.

Patrick Nugent

As Sovotorno, Congressman Phil Donner and Additional Supporting Voices


Patrick P. Nugent, is just thrilled to be working on this project. Patrick is a professional voice actor with 20 years of performance experience. Before beginning his career in performance Patrick was a toddler enjoying childhood and the lack of responsibility that comes with it.

Patrick has appeared in commercials, film trailers, and on the radio. He also has tons of live stage experience including; (Shep) Early One Evening at The Rainbow Bar & Grill, (Hal) Picnic, (Antonio) William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, (Lord Godalming) The Passion of Dracula, (Sheriff Heck Tate) To Kill A Mockingbird.

Patrick is available to record all types of Voice Over Recordings (Commercials, Film Trailers, Video Games, On-Hold Messaging, Animation, and Audiobooks). Feel free to contact Patrick if you have any questions regarding Projects and Rates at www.patrickpnugent.com.

Valerie Durham

As Milla, Noriane and Additional Supporting Voices


Valerie Durham has been allowed out of her cage long enough to be forced into the dungeon-like sound booth for brutal recording sessions where her extensive acting skills (gained over years of performing in musicals, plays and commercials and dancing on stage around the world) have been ruthlessly (and successfully) extracted for use as the voices of Milla and Noriane on the latest FETIDUS episode. Previously, she has been able to sneak out of captivity to work as the Artistic Director of her own dance company, The Duncan Dancers (www.duncandancers.com), raise her son with the author, and occasionally get her own much needed treatment for vampirism.

Sara Barrack

As Detective Mercer, Rachel Donner and Additional Supporting Voices


Sara Barrack was born and raised on planet Rahasya (Rah-ha-see-ya), approximately 3 trillion light years from earth. She is 333 years old. At the tender age of 112, Sara was forcefully separated from her parents by Melbrooks, dictator of Rahasya, to fulfill a daunting mission. Her assignment: travel to Earth, assimilate and report back any strange behavior. Like the illustrious ones who came before her; namely the Great Gazoo, Uncle Martin & Mr. Ed, Sara served her planet well... until... she began working at a college radio station and her fate was sealed.

Sara moved on to voicing industrial, training, corporate website and videos. Her voice over work progressed quickly to radio & television spots, promotions, documentaries, video games and audio books. Sara never imagined having such tremendous amounts of fun while performing creations she dearly loved.

At an undisclosed point in time, Sara chose to change her identity once again, since voice over recording sessions were becoming more and more frequent and Melbrooks was on her case about reports not getting in on time. Today, she is a fugitive from her own planet and could not be happier. Learn more about the brave heart Sara at www.sarabarrack.com.

Bob Holmcrans

As Marcus Patronello, Alastaire Sobolevsky and Additional Supporting Voices


Bob Holmcrans is a voiceover artist, voiceover coach, and audio producer. Bob has over eighteen years of professional radio experience, having worked at two top-rated stations, WBCN-FM, Boston, and WPGC-FM, Washington DC. During that time his main responsibilities were that of writing and editing copy, coaching and directing talent, and the recording and production of a multitude of radio components. His work has involved the production of thousands of radio commercials and promos, as well as nationally syndicated projects. He’s taught radio production at Montgomery College, and serves as a guest lecturer at The Omega Studios' School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences.

Telephone: 240.731.8001
Website: www.bobvoiceover.com
Email: bob -at- bobvoiceover -dot- com

Liliana Ayende

As Yvonne Cecilia Villarosa and Additional Supporting Voices


Liliana Ayende was born in New Jersey and raised in Puerto Rico by her Cuban mother and Puerto Rican father. There she lived for 27 years before moving to Philadelphia and most recently New Jersey. Liliana attended Sacred Heart University at the age of 16 and graduated with a BA in Communications/TV Production and Journalism studies. During this time she also became the youngest Board member at the APOS Foundation (Philharmonic Orchestra Association of Puerto Rico) which raised money for talented young musicians in low income families. She later pursued a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, which was interrupted by her move to the United States after accepting a radio position in Pennsylvania where she became the first On-Air female Cast member of the first Spanish only FM station in Pennsylvania.

Her radio career began at the young age of 19, first at a news station, then moving on to music format stations. After only a year on the Big Apple airwaves, Liliana was awarded the ACE Award for Radio Personality of the Year 2004. She was also featured as one of the 4 Best Female Radio Personalities in the US by LATINA Magazine. Always following her passions, Liliana danced and performed in various musical groups allowing her to travel the world as a back up dancer for famous Latin artists. These performances paved the way to acting opportunities in both Television and Musical Theater, one of them playing the part of “Texas” in an Off Broadway production of “CABARET” in 2005.

After three years in Univision Radio’s 105.9FM New York station, Liliana became News Anchor for Channel 34 New York, a new Spanish TV Station. In 2006 she founded TransVoice LLC, a company specializing in Spanish Voice Overs and Translations. Her company’s focus on providing native Spanish services has awarded her such clients as: Bank of America, Wendy’s, American Cancer Association, People Magazine, and many more from all over the globe. Liliana’s latest project is being part of a great cast in the James Durham novel “FETIDUS: The Damned Heir."  Although her career has been mainly in the Spanish market, she always looks for projects that allow her to show her diversity and voice acting skills, and this was a perfect choice! Liliana Ayende is the powerful and sultry Yvonne Cecilia Villarosa.

You can visit her website at www.Transvoiceservices.com.

Matthew Wayne Selznick

As Michael Ratskin


Matthew Wayne Selznick is an author, podcast pioneer, new media authority and advocate for the DIY ethic. His first book, "Brave Men Run -- A Novel of the Sovereign Era" is available from Amazon.com.