FETIDUS: The Damned Heir - EP01 (2010)

In the middle of a smoldering, humid July night, in the dark and fetid backstreets of post-apocalyptic Washington, DC,  circa 2034, Art Blanchard is on the hunt.  So begins FETIDUS: The Damned Heir!

Welcome to the world of FETIDUS, The Foundation for the Ethical Treatment of the Innocently Damned, Undead and Supernatural! Join Art Blanchard from the beginning, as he embarks on a twisted case that takes him deep into the "future-noir" world of the shadowy undead.

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All the episodes have been recorded. The dark tale has begun afresh with polished episodes, and new installments wait in the wings to enthrall you in the coming weeks. For those that have waited, I thank you again! Countless hours of production blood, sweat and toil are coming to a close, and the finale awaits you... no, calls out to you, at the end of this journey.

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Episode 1 (Prologue + Chapters 1-3):

00:00 - Intro music and credits

This episode is read by the author and features the following voice talent: Prebble Q Ramswell, Jose de la Mar, Patrick Nugent and Valerie Durham. See CAST page for more details.

01:57 - Prologue

"At dusk, I hunted..."
Meet Art Blanchard as he hunts the malevolent street thug Jack Wylde.

22:31 - A word from our sponsor, ReaniLife, Inc.

23:30 - Chapter 1

"A new day, a new client..."
Meet the mysterious and sultry Leigh Donner.

31:43 - Chapter 2

"I didn't have more than a second or two before..."
Meet Milla, Art Blanchard's zealously annoying assistant.

34:33 - Chapter 3

"Night and filth darkened the city..."
A handful of assumptions and a pocketful of ruminations.

40:05 - Outro

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