FETIDUS: The Damned Heir - EP14 (2010)

Episode 14 has arrived for your listening pleasure. This one takes you to the halls of Congress and deep into the shadows of Representative Phil Donner, with some revealing appearances by several cast members. The case spirals forward, like a festering zombie infection, unchecked by inhibitors or preservatives. Enter now, and enjoy!

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Episode 14 (Chapters 36-37):

00:00 - Intro music and credits

This episode is read by the author and features the following voice talent: Prebble Q Ramswell, Patrick Nugent, Jose de la Mar, Valerie Durham, Sara Barrack and Bob Holmcrans. See CAST page for more details.

01:57 - Chapter 36

"The one thing I learned since the Outbreaks of the 20's..."
Of a trip to the halls of Congress, and a finely crafted trap...

18:05 - A word from our sponsor, Millennial Universal Life Assurance - (Insurance Division)

19:08 - Chapter 37

"Do you have an appointment? Oh, you."
Uncovering a mystery and unknown regrets...

34:10 - Outro

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