FETIDUS: The Damned Heir - EP16 (2010)

As we approach the finale, Art Blanchard goes on the offensive with his lobbying skills in Episode 16. He's still got it. Download now and listen as the stakes in this twisted case grow higher, with political power players a-plenty in the cards...

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Episode 16 (Chapters 40-42):

00:00 - Intro music and credits

This episode is read by the author and features the following voice talent: Prebble Q Ramswell, Valerie Durham, Bob Holmcrans and Matthew Wayne Selznick. See CAST page for more details.

01:57 - Chapter 40

"I can take care of myself..."
Of rising stakes, and the fate of one or millions...

11:30 - Chapter 41

"No time to waste..."
Setting the gambit in motion...

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20:47 - Chapter 42

"I expected a call, but not so soon..."
Friends, adversaries and a rising surge of fate...

37:47 - Outro

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