FETIDUS: The Damned Heir - EP17 (2010)

The time has nearly come... the finale is only three episodes away! Join us here in roasty Episode 17 as we begin the final countdown. Art Blanchard has a lot to juggle, what with uncovering a mystery or two, and tugging on the dangerous threads of a long-cold case that might lead him to his lost love.

Once again, please feel free to share FETIDUS far and wide if you enjoy it! After all, it's about making the world a better place, isn't it? Well, you'll see.

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Episode 17 (Chapters 43-44):

00:00 - Intro music and credits

This episode is read by the author and features the following voice talent: Prebble Q Ramswell, Sara Barrack, Jose de la Mar, Patrick Nugent, Bob Holmcrans and Valerie Durham. See CAST page for more details.

01:57 - Chapter 43

"Washington elite circled around like hungry corpse flies..."
A roasty evening with intrigue and then some...

28:45 - A word from our sponsor, The National Voter Registration and Identification Committee

30:50 - Chapter 44

"You can't do it, or you won't do it?"
Of a friend, a grandfather and a gold coin...

41:08 - Outro

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